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See whichMember States can comprise a qualified majority or a blocking minority in accordance with the current treaties. Find your answer by clicking on the various combinations of Member States on the calculation chart of the EU Information Centre.

Read the Political Agreementon Danish EU Policy in a Globalised World - 21 February 2008

Read the consolidated report on rules and procedures for scrutiny of EU matters in the Folketing. The report was issued by the European Affairs Committee January 2007

Welcome to the EU Information Centre

Access to EU information can be a difficult task, especially if you do not know where to begin. Therefore, the Folketing has set up the EU Information Centre.

The objective of the Centre is to answer questions from citizens concerning the European Union (with emphasis on Denmark's participation in the EU decision making process), and to disseminate information and documentation concerning the EU to all interested parties.

The EU Information Centre is a politically neutral information service providing factual answers to questions about the EU. Fast, impartial, factual and free of charge. Read more.

Youare welcome to contact the EU Information Centre by phone (+45) 3337 3337 or email euopl@folketinget.dk

Fact Sheets

The Danish Parliament and
the European Union

The Danish Parliament in brief

The European Affairs Committee
of the Danish Parliament

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