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Denmark & EU

Denmark & EU

Denmark has been a member of the EUásince 1973.

Followingáa binding referendum on 2 October 1972 Denmark acceded,áas the first Nordic country, to the European Community (EC) on 1 January 1973. 63,3% of the Danish population voted in favour and 36,7 voted against membership of the EC. Greenland joined the EC together with Denmark, whereas the Faroe Islands decided to stay outside the Community. In 1982 Greenlandádecided to leave the EC.

Denmark had already apllied for membership iná1961 and 1967átogether with Great Britain, Norway and Ireland, butáthe French president at the time,Charles de Gaulle, vetoed British membership, and Denmark did not wish to enter the EC without Great Britain. However, on 1 January 1973 both Denmark, Ireland and Great Britain entered the EC.

Further information: á

  • The future of Europe
    In Denmark the European Affairs Committee of the Folketing had the main responsibility for organizing the EU-debate in the reflection pause.
  • Denmark and the Treaty of Lisbon
    Denmark has ratified the Treaty of Lisbon through the passing of a regularábill in the Danish Parliament, the Folketing, 24 April 2008 and the signing of theábill by the Danish Head of State Queen Margrethe II.
  • Scrutiny pages
    The Danish Parliament national scrutiny pages. The scrutinyápage contains all relevant documents concerningáthe Commission'sáproposals from the Danish Government and Parliament.
  • EU issues in the Folketing
    The European Affairs Committee of the Folketing plays a central role in Danish EU policy.
  • Danish EU priorities
    Political agreement regarding Denmark in the enlarged EU.
  • Danish EU referenda
    Denmark has heldásix referenda about EU. Find information and results here.
  • The Danish opt-outs
    Denmark has four opt-outs from participation in EU policies.
  • Danish EU presidencies
    Seven Danish EU presidencies since 1973.
  • Supreme Court Judgment
    TheáDanish Supreme Court's judgement of 6th April 1998 confirming that Denmark's membership of EU as regulated by the Maastricht Treaty is not aáviolation of the Danish Constitution.
  • Publications and leaflets
    Link to publications and leaflets in English andáFrench concerning Denmark in EU. á
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